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Let's go back tho the humble beginnings and see where all this madness came from. Labels, artists, fanzines, tape traders, and who started THE GROWL.  We will showcase history from the early days all the way up to now.




 Within the realms of metal one subgenre has stood fast, not seduced by the lures commercial success. From its beginning it has delivered unrelenting fury that has not eased as the music aged. Death Metal has survived in basement bars to mud covered fields around Europe and America. This film will tell the tale of those who stood together, stood tall. From musicians, record labels, promoters and the fans whose loyalty never fades and commitments never wain from keeping “The Growl” alive. 

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Hey there, my name is Cam Schwarz “Cannibal Cam” and I'm working with my best friend Phil Pattison and our RABIDOG FILMS team to bring you what we feel is the most comprehensive guide to the death metal scene. I myself have been involved in the underground since 1990 and have forever been entrenched within the scene in some way or another. The main point of this film is to at least try and involve as many of the legends, and underground heroes new and old within this film. We need to get to their places or dwelling and get the real true stories, history, etc from said bands, labels, zine makers, tape traders, etc.... So it is up to you to help us out and achieve these proper stories and get to the towns, countries which all these people reside. We need to get to Florida, California, Europe, Indonesia, South America and get the proper interviews to bring to you. So much is untold and we are here to tell, properly.

I myself began with my old band MANGLED in 1991 in Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada from what I saw in the Buffalo/New York scene back in the early days. That inspired me to put together the first ever Niagara Region deathfest in May 1993 with GROTESQUE INFECTION, DAMONACY, GASTRIC PUS, INBRED, MACIFICIATION, NAILED. I went to a few shows, met some amazing friends which up to this day still chat with, and re connected from 25 + years ago.

I wrote my own fanzine called DISGORGED PANDEMONIUM for 2 issues. Wrote for some magazines and papers and websites back in the day. Hosted a metal radio show for almost 20 years called CHRONIC AGGRESSION radio here in St Catharines Ontario. Promoted many shows. Filmed a few videos. Made a few horror projects and continue to support the scene in one way or another and make friends all over the world. We have been on www.bangertv.comwith comprehensive chats on death metal.

Banger TV epsiode on 2000's death metal 

Banger TV episode on Brutal Death Metal

The list goes on and on with what we have done for the scene, this is obviously the next step to help out everyone. We've always been about supporting the scene in one way or another, this just seems like the natural step. 

So far we have Jeff Becerea from POSSESSED, Travis Ryan from CATTLE DECAPITATION, Matt Harvey from EXHUMED/GRUESOME/POUNDER, Matt Calvert from Dark Decent records. Terry Butler from DEATH/OBITUARY/MASSACRE, Mike Browning from MORBID ANGEL/NOCTURNUS, Mark Sawikis from IMPETIGO, Jonas Stalhammer from AT THE GATES, Sergio Baloff Borges from legendary HEADHUNTER and many many many more. As you can see we have to get to these people and do it properly so that's why we need your help. Get the true underground stories that are missing within this insane genre of music.




About Us


 The brainchild of Phil Pattison, Jeff Beckman and David Montour, Rabidog Films was established in early 2003. Rabidog’s roots were forged in the same bowels as extreme and heavy music, resulting in a micro-budget, over the top, punk-rock-zombie feature film titled: Vs. the Dead. The film’s soundtrack features the music of legendary artists such as Integrity, Zyklon, The Dayglo Abortions, Fucked Up, and many more; plus even included a scene featuring Death Metal icons: Exhumed. However, that particular scene didn’t make it into the final cut. Funding for the project was raised solely by a series of punk rock/hardcore/metal shows held over a period of two years. Vs. the Dead was released in North America by Midnight Releasing in 2009, available through VOD and DVD platforms. It can currently be seen on YouTube, where it has achieved nearly 200,000 views. Unfortunately, by the time of the film’s eventual release, everyone involved with Vs. the Dead had already changed their focus to more personal matters, leaving Rabidog Films to whither away in a solitary kennel.
 After leaving Robidog Films—yet keeping his passion for horror films alive—Phil co-founded Nictophobia Films with Christopher Harrison, in 2008, where he also connected with future Rabidog Films partner, “Cannibal” Cam Schwarz. Under the Nictophobia banner, they co-produced and edited several high profile projects including music videos for Canadian heavy hitters: Monster Truck and Fuck the Facts; the short film The Man Who Loved Flowers, based on a short story by Stephen King; and the feature film Devil’s Night (aka Left for Dead) starring Danielle Harris (Halloween 4 & 5, and Rob Zombie’s Halloween 1 & 2).    
 In 2013, Nictophobia created and produced the critically acclaimed stage play: George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead™ Live, alongside horror legends George A. Romero, Russ Streiner and John A. Russo, serving as executive producers.  Evil Dead the Musical creator, writer, director, Christopher Bond helmed the director’s chair for the project as well as served as co-writer along with Evil Dead alumni, Trevor Martin and Dale Boyer. George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead™ Live is currently listed in the world famous Samuel French catalogue, keeping company with some of the most prestigious theatre productions ever produced.
 Sighting creative differences, the Nictophobia Films team had gone separate ways by the end of 2013. Sharing a passion for “old school” genre filmmaking, Phil and Cam partnered up and resurrected Rabidog Films from its shallow grave. Since the rebirth, they have produced several music videos and short films including: InTested, and most recently, Human Cattle, the award winning (proof of concept) short film. They have also worked on several co-productions with an array of talent including: Mitch Markowitz (The Hilarious House of Frightenstein); George Petit (Alexisonfire/Dead Tired); Keith Buckley (Everytime I Die); Walk Off the Earth; Michie Mee; Guinness World Record holders The Monsters of Schlock; and many more. “Cannibal” Cam has also appeared on the hit Banger TV show, Lock Horns, two times serving as co-host alongside Diemonds guitar player, Daniel DeKay. Together they discussed and debated the best in Brutal Death Metal and Essential Death Metal Albums.
 Rabidog Films is currently in production on the feature length documentary, The Growl, which takes an in depth look at the history and roots of the guttural sounds and artists who have embraced this abrasive and sometimes grotesque sub-genre of Heavy Metal. The documentary features interviews with some of the industry’s top talent including: Dan Lilker (Anthrax, Nuclear Assault, S.O.D., Brutal Truth), Ross Dolan (Immolation), John McIntee (Incantation), Jeff Becerea (Possessed), Travis Ryan (Cattle Decapitation, Matt Harvey (Exhumed,Gruesome,Pounder), Terry Butler (Death, Obituary, Massacre), Mike Browning (Morbid Angel/Nocturnus), Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal, Morbid Angel, Mana Recording Studios), Jeffrey "Mantas" Dunn and Tony “Demolition Man” Dolan (Venom Inc.) … And so many more.   



We want to thank you for all your support and we just want to make sure that we make the best death metal documentary for all you hardcore fans!!

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Just in Case you missed it! Cannibal Cam on LOCK HORNS!

LOCK HORNS: ESSENTIAL DEATH METAL ALBUMS of the 2000s picks up where our Early Death Metal Albums debate left off. Guest host Daniel Dekay welcomes back Cannibal Cam, director of The Growl: Death Metal Documentary for a live debate on the most essential albums of this era. 

Lock Horns-Brutal Death Metal


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